Monday, July 09, 2007

BBC Shows the way, will Indian MSM follow?

This news item by BBC deserves special mention. It is not the body of the news, some of which is old. The real news is that good news from Bihar is now getting the attention.

For example, the municipal taxation system was introduced almost five years back and led to a vast improvement in tax collection by Patna Municipal Corporation. Later, it was adopted by ohter municipal bodies as well. However, it was never considered worthy of widely publicity by the "national" newspapers. The SAP has been in existence for more than a year now and has achieved great results. However, all our "national" newspapers could report is a upward treand in the crime graph. No thought was spared for the fact that police has been made much more approachable and people feel more confident to appraoch the police to report the crime. Also, there is visible action by the police once a crime is reported. The prosecution figures which have vastly improved tell their own story of the massive imrovement due to diligent crime investigation.

Now that BBC itself has reported these good news from Bihar, one can expect the English newspapers of India to follow the lead since past data supports their copycat tendencies.


Anonymous said...

Hi all fans of Bihar,

I am a foreigner and I had the opportunity to visit Bihar a few months back, after reading about your cultural heritage, hoping to get some soul-soup.

But I am very sad to say what you have made of your glorious past. I found that even though you may have given buddhism to the world, and could hopefully cash in on the huge potential, you people can never ever do it, your railway stations were hopeless dumps, people pissed and shitted right on the platform of your capital, Patna, erstwhile patliputra, the tourist places are so undeveloped that even though you are sitting on a treasure trove you will never care to Ramp it up, instead you will have illiterate opportunistic biharis ready to fleece any tourist at sight, the roads are hopeless, the hotel rooms are hopeless- You DONT have Good hotels man. Do you have Airports ? LOL, public transport is so overcrowded and filthy, and Talking of Filth, tell me which part of your capital is not filthy, anyone can piss anywhere isnt it ??? Is this what you are proud of?

Has anyone of you ever visited China? and its tourist spots? or lets say a small country like Vietnam, I found more peace in their temples, than in Bihar where lord Buddha was supposed to have lived his life.

I pity you, as to what you have reduced yourself to. I pity you Biharis. Forget about big countries, I will be surprised if u guys even reach the level to which Delhi is, someday.



Anonymous said...


you are not a foreigner. you are a typical from Delhi or other part of india. You do not have the courage to accept that and then come out to criticize Bihar. This will never happen to a Bihari. And this is what will make Bihar what it used to be. May god bless you a long life.