Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The story of biased high offices

In the high court of Andhra Pradesh, a case was brought up alleging malpractice in re evaluation of MBBS papers conducted by NTR Medical University, Vijayawada. The case was taken up by a bench consisting of the Chief Justice G S Singhvi and Justice C V Nagarjuna Reddy. Then why are we discussing this case in a site related to Bihar?

Well, this is because the hounourable judges have chosen to link it to Bihar. I went through the entire news item word by word thinking maybe the scamsters are from Bihar, for the last I heard, Vijayawada was not in Bihar.; nor does NTR Medical Univeristy have a branch or medical college in Bihar. Then why have they linked it to Bihar?

What I could make out is that there is nothing, absolutely nothing to link the case to Bihar or Biharis, except presumably the bias of the honourable judges. I shudder to think what would happen to a Bihari whose case is brought up in the court of these judges. Can they hope of unbiased hearing?

When it is the honour of the judges, we have the contempt of court proceedings; then what is the recourse to the eight crore people of a state whose name is dragged into a scam which has nothing to do with them? Do we as Biharis have no honour? Can public servants whose salaries and pensions are paid by the public exchequer make such statements and get away with it? It was not too long ago that Mr Prakash Singh, an apparently well educated person who has held high positions such as DGP Uttar Pradesh, had pointed his finger towards Bihar when asked questions about the law and order of UP in a CNNIBN programme. So it is not a one time issue. The bias runs deep and wide.

Can we petition the Govt of India to have bias correction training for such people? Can there be exemplary punishment for them? At the very least, can they be made to apologise?

Or shall we, the natives of Bihar, continue to suffer the ignominy and the bias of public servants occupying high offices?

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Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Hi, I have been born in Bihar myself and have seen much of it, having spent some of the best years of my childhood there. I laud your efforts to cleanse the image of Bihar as it is portrayed everywhere, and hope that the good voice you put in should echo elsewhere too. Perhaps the changes need to happen simultaneously inside and outside, because only when people who live in Bihar will stand up and fight for it will others who live outside acknowledge that it is not the next stop before Hell itself. Keep posting.