Friday, November 09, 2007

Scientific Foresight 2007

Happy Deepawali and Chath to all of us

We are in the middle of finalizing sponsors,speakers for
Scientific Foresight 2007 . This event that will be used to showcase to the world that Bihar is not just India's Spiritual Capital. We are not just the heart, mind & soul of India etc. That we are not just the UMBILICAL CHORD of HUMAN CIVILIZATION as well from where ZERO, Yoga, Kamasutra were born as well. We are poised to reclaim our space as the fountainhead of World's Science & Technology as well (thanks Mayank for Umbilical Chord metaphor)

This event on the south of River " Ganga" from Dec22-Dec24 in ancient India's Capital (Patliputra) will have an Audience of 3000+ bright students, 200+ Professors and professionals Globally. It is happening in that much forgotten city of India where the next eBay or Skype or Google or Facebook or Cisco or or Collectivex WILL emerge within few years. Hate to say after the fact afte the event , "I told you so" .. so come join now or lose out on this opportunity.

Yes, you can also also celebrate X'mas after the event. However advisable to attend this event if you wanna be better informed about "creation", "life", "evolution" or more mundane things like future of "Nanotech","Biotech","Artificial Intelligence","Neural Networks","Open Source","Robotics","Genomics" etc etc

Also great opportunity to network,recruit,market and then celebrate Christmas after the event

If any of you want to be part of the organizing team then can join our SciFore 07 Intranet . We will also try to arrange a trip to world heritage sites like Patna Sahib, Bodh Gaya, Nalanda. Critics, Ideas, Comments, Suggestion, Proposal to help welcome . We can design something around your specific needs.

Best way to reach us would be via mail or skype or gtalk ( atultech ) or people marked in 'cc'

Don't wait. Act NOW or you will miss the event of the year as we plan to close International sponsorships, speaker slots etc within 2 weeks. After we will only try to focus on domestic participants and then only local participants who will get a very very special discounted rate.

We are also looking to partner with philanthropic trusts who want to leverage this occasion to spread their cause.

Some attendees
APJ Kalam might be chief guest
Liz Ryan from Business Week is coming
Marc Benioff of Salesforce
Mehmood Khan, Global Leader of Innovation for Unilever
Ron Somers of US India Business Council

We are trying to avoid politicians/filmstars since some of them distract a lot. However we are open to extending invitation to select names as "audience" if they promise not to come on stage or not use the mike except asking questions

International Media Coverage likely so far
Business Week, WSJ,Economist,
EBC Radio, BBC

Likely Corporate Sponsors or Participants
Google, GE,Genpact, DRL, Bristol Meyers, Ranbaxy, Alchem, Hutch, Tata, Jet, Kingfisher,Air India, SBI We haven't approached Cisco, Microsoft ,TCS, Infosys etc yet

Mehmood, Liz, Ron, Marc: forgive my taking your names without seeking formal permission
President Kalam : You are still the president of our hearts so have to accept this challenge of "inspiring 3000 young students"

Atul Kumar
Sponsorship,Media & PR
Scientific Foresight
+1 203 987 4452 USA
+44 20 8144 5289 UK
Tri-state(NY/NJ,CT), USA
Can Do, Will Do, Right Here Right NOW !

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The glue of culture

Culture is such a powerful and beautiful thing - it binds where there is nothing else to bind. How else can you explain the closeness one feels when one goes to an island in Africa from Bihar and feels that one has come home. Neither is the terrain similar, nor are the people related to you or are your old friends. Yet they feel like your own, someone calls you beta and your spouse beti - they open their home to you as if you are their long lost brother.

I am really thankful to Santosh for having shared the beautiful vacation at Mauritius where indentured labourers were taken from Bihar more than a hundred years ago. Amazing how they have preserved their culture and how they give you a welcome.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blogpost.