Saturday, July 14, 2007

Indian MSM - the attack on Bihar continues

Please have a look at this article. The provocative headline besmirches the name of Bihar claiming the accused who allegedly outraged the modesty of a woman, the Railway protection force DIG PJ Rawal, to be a Bihar DIG.

Now what is the connection of the accused with Bihar? Is he a native of Bihar? Does he work for the Govt of Bihar? Is he a resident of Bihar? Well, the answer to all the three questions is NO. Then pray, how does he become Bihar DIG?

The simple answer is that the Indian MSM (Main stream media) revels in throwing dirt on the fair name of Bihar. The OBB (Oye Bihari Brigade) member who has written this article earns his bread and butter by demonising Bihar. He is fully conscious of the rewards that await him if he does that efficiently. So he takes care not to mention that the Bihar Government has extended all support to the complainants, without dramatizing the issue. Alas, he does not even mention that the Delhi Headquartered Railways have openly tried to cause miscarriage of justice by exonerating the accused even before the inquiry was conducted.

I donot remember who said Poverty is a Sin. But even he would not have conceptualized this dimension of his statement when he said that!!

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