Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rajdeep and Goa- lessons in media management

Have a look at the blog of the great moralist Rajdeep Sardesai.

The same Rajdeep Sardesai who does not hesitate to use terms like Biharisation to describe crime of any hue is disturbed that Goa's image is getting sullied due to Keeling murder.

It is a case of crime, of murder. If I am not mistaken, the primary duty of the state is to maintain law and order and prevent of crime. In Goa, most politicians, whether the CM or other ministers, have taken turn to publicly blame the parenting, family value and god knows what else for the crime. I have not heard even an opposition leader to point to the failure of the state to act in time. No one of any stature from the state government thought it fit to explain why the investigation was shoddy and why the accused was not arrested until the mother of the murdered made such a noise about the affair.

The great moralist Rajdeep does not see anything wrong in it. He is more worried about the image of his beloved state. I can only compare the news with the way the likes of Rajdeep react when a much smaller incident takes place in Bihar which they roundly condemn. Take the case of the minister of rural development Raghuvansh Prasad Singh. Reader's will recall his family was accused of employing children for ploughing the field with pictures showing what was clearly giving 'henga' or 'chowki' Or the case of Anant Singh, MLA, wrongly accused of murdering a muslim girl which DNA tests proved was totally false. Or the thrashing of the motorcycle thief which was relayed ad infinitum on TV.

What are these if not instances of double standard - of morality being made into a hand maiden of convenience?

As a Bihari, it is perhaps best to take this as a lesson in image management. It is also an opportunity to analyse how Bihar's image has been tarnished by the media to suit their end of selling their channels and earning their ad revenue.


Baawara Mann said...

I agree completely! As a fellow bihari who is proud of his heritage and culture, and saddened by the fact that the state is being left out in the country's economic prosperity, I totaly concur with your comments here. Its not just the media but then the genral public as well which give in to the temptation of bihar bashing.. with the comment being.."aisa suna hai, sab yehi kehtey hai" If we need to go to Bihar 2.0 our first step would be to vehemently condemn all such misgivings and stand up for a prosperous and beautiful state. And of course be proud of it! Thanks Sushant

Aman said...

I will not comment on the media's double standards by showing the bad things happening in bihar and not showing the ones in other states.

Instead i would like to comment on the media not ever seeing the good things that happen in bihar.

like take discovery for example - in how many episodes on india has bihar actually found mention. the smallest of all festivals gets mentioned, but not chath. why is this?

Some say this is because bihar is a crime infested state and the media fears visiting the place. but i would like to ask if bihar is more unsafe than the north east or J&K. will u believe this? we don't even count in TRP ratings. that means bihar has no voice in the media. one of my posts speaks on this issue.

the media has a big role to play in the image management of bihar. biharis, who are in the media, too can contribute a lot in this image management.

I blog on You can drop by if ever you have some time to spare.

daniel said...

True enough the indian media is constantly showing Bihar in bad light , and ingnoring the good aspects of Bihar, and this is definitely because biharis dont nhave a say in media due to their nsheer absence. Bihar should
have more media channels like mahuaa and ETV bihar which can really show the truth. The corrupt , shrewd media ppl of mumbai have double standards, when it comes to Talk about bihar