Monday, March 10, 2008

Management Institute at Patna - A dream becomes reality

A committed low profile state govt in India has been quietly working at improving the lot its people. The law and order is better, the roads are better and the primary health centers now have doctors and medicines which the people now find worth visiting. Last year's war with the floods (UN called it the worst in living memory) has been fought pretty well. Basic things like classes and examinations being held on time have been achieved.The state now moves to improve the educational infrastructure to the next level.
As part of this initiative, a management institute will start working at Patna this summer. Supported by the state govt, financially and much more crucially, with an emotional bonding now rarely seen between politicians and the people, it has behind it a vast body of experienced professionals, from Bihar and other places. Apart from teaching post graduate students, it will also have a research center for appropriate technology focussed on powerful ideas that can change the lives of the people.
The management institute, named Chandragupt Institute of Management, Patna (CIMP) has a constitution that will make it highly autonomous so that professionals running it can take it to the envisaged heights of excellence much like the Patna Science College and Netarhat Vidyalaya of yore. All the learnings of the past have been put into it to make it stoutly autonomous.The first director would be Prof V Mukundas, formerly of IIM A. A number of other faculty members, both serving and retired, as well as professionals from the industry, are working for it. The syllabus is largely drawn from those of IIMs and XLRI. The admission would be through combined admission test (CAT) of the IIMs.
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Thakur Vikas Sinha


Saurabh said...

it's an example that bihar is changing.........

cimp shold give maximum weightage to cat score and shudn't compromise with quality of students

Piyush said...

It should set an example of academic excellence at par IIM/XLRI, that too in Placement.

Piyush Nimiyar, New Delhi

vikas said...

Definitely ,it shows tat bihar is changing and looking breaking its cliched image and is ready to get off to flying start.i realy boast of our honourable chief minister sri Nitish kr.never before any former CM of bihar ever thought of changing its emage and that at the world level as it is avered by him is worth appreaciating.however,it will grab every body`s eyes whether CIMP gets all it students placed or not. let see to what extent IIM faculties help it get to the fighting grounds of all the well established MBA institutions successfuly.
since all we know that whole world is passing through meltdown,so in this cenario ,who dares to take the admission at CIMP ,which is quite new institution is worth thinking,moreover, IIMs are facing problems in geting their students placed after all,it will be realy a sort of skeptical feeling in everybodies mind ......There is one another problem i`m seeing is the fee strucure i.e about 5,50000 ,which is not a money in the pocket tat everyone wud be ready with.This is going to be little difficult to the poor students, as this institute is new , barely any Banks wud be willing in rendering loans to guys.hope for the best.By the way i`m from Bihar,that is from Patna.
Vikas Ranjan,

rupesh said...

lemme jus add dat situation is not as u imagine!institute is doin excellently well wid gr8 support from IIM A and more than 5 banks r runnin aftr students to provide loan!prospects r v high in dis institute..wid in a short span of time it will emerge as the toughest competitor to xlri...!last but not the least,it is a proposed IIM and probability is v high of its becomin an IIM.

Maitreyi said...

Rupesh, you couldn't be further from the truth. Just as all that glitters is not gold, all that media or spin doctors say is not truth. In fact a lot of deliberate lies and twisted truths are presented to the media who also do not do their bit to cross check what is fed to them. The only thing true in what you have written is that initially people of Bihar with IIMA background worked very hard for the dream to come true. mind you, officially IIMA as an institution is not involved with the institute, nor is any other IIM. Even Prof. Piyush Sinhais in the Board in his individual capacity and not as a representative of IIMA. Insecure, arrogant leadership not upto the task at hand coupled with egoistic, petty, uncouth and incompetent administrator who again was not upto the job, helped by a non-vigilant board and perhaps even connivance by some powerful people have done enough and more to write a requiem for the institute. This is institutional abortion, not institution building.

Damage can still be limited and perhaps even reversed if the powers that be inform themselves and make a genuine attempt to find the truth rather than let themselves be fed on hearsay, half truths, twisted truths and shameless lies. it is the civil society that has to be vigilant and protect its institutions when the state fails to do so.


Md said...
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satya said...

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satya said...

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