Sunday, October 07, 2007

No offence meant

It is a tradition of some "intellectuals" Indians to make the most offensive comment, but add a wry ' no offence meant' and they expect to be absolved of any responsibility of hurting you. To me, it is worse than just making the offensive comment. The guy is aware of the offence his comment would cause, and yet chooses to make it. Latest in this tradition of obnoxious behaviour is this article in Churimuri, a so called forum of Kannadiga intellectuals.

Karnataka is going through nasty political turmoil. The only guy to hold the position of PM from that state has shown his lack of character by not honoring the public commitment of handing over power to the BJP. Any self respecting community would feel ashamed by it. But what do they do? Drag Bihar into it.

Bereft of self confidence, these are basically bullies who have to pull down something to hide their own inadequacies.

It is not the first time that people from Karnataka have shown their abhorrent attitude towards Bihar. MV Kamath, a journalist from there, had written an essay in The Illustrated Weekly of India saying Biharis are not fit to rule Bihar. He had thereby shown his anti democratic and racist character, besides showing his deep antipathy to Bihar. It is to the perpetual discredit of Karnataka people that this abominable character is hailed as a great intellectual of that land.

PS Appu, an IAS officer from Karnataka was the director of LBS academy at Mussorie when he chose to cut short the career of a young probationer from Bihar on allegations of misbehaviour. When the Deptt of Personnel insisted on an inquiry before initiating action, Appu publicly threatened to resign saying this is interference in his work. Newspapers of the day had a field day alleging Biharis are weak in character and hailing Appu as a shining example of integrity. The probationer was sacked summarily without any inquiry. Later, Supreme Court struck down the ruling of Appu and reinstated him into his job.

To the best of my knowledge, Appu never apologised for his hasty decision. Neither the newspapers ever apologised for their biased reporting or even gave prominence to the reinstatement news. Public perception continues to be of a wayward probationer from Bihar rather than the anti Bihari bias of an arrogant bureaucrat.

Last year, when Pratham did a survey of school kids in the various states of India, it was found that Bihar was way ahead of other states. Karnataka was one of the laggards. "Intellectuals" of Churimuri commented as if it is the divine right of the Karnataka kids to do better than Bihar. I had requested them to refrain from such thinking. It appears my words have fallen on deaf ears. These racists are bent on using Bihar to manage their inferiority.

What a shame that I have to share my nationality with these obnoxious characters.


Fighter Jet said...

I trust,the name of Bihar has been tarnished to such an extent,that now it has lost efficacy as a diatribe!Nobody really hurts Bihar.They even dont know what they are speaking about..its just like saying "shit" or "fuck",everytime something unwanted never really bother to think about the word "Shit" you really.And its a know fact South Indians are biased,self claimed superior.The reality in fact is more worse than Bihar.One just need to visit their villages.And more ever,you cant talk logic to an irrational bunch of idiots.

ram said...

I,Being a kannadiga,ask you only question?... why do bihari labourers come to bangalore in search jobs???..
going to a metro in search of high end job is ok and understandable... but going thousands of miles even for a low end job speaks volume about the state bihar is now in.. absolutely no development and in turn no new jobs created.. and biharis are hated in every part of india.. not just in south.. even in dehli,bombay,bengal,assam???.. y can u answer???

santosh said...

be specific what you are trying to say, u are hailing frm karnatka, well i ask u one thing how many people frm ur state comig to mumbai for job it doesnt matter wheather high end or low end job, According to indian constitution everyone have right to roam anywhere any part of this country u can work in any state any city no matter wat language u speak wat religion u practice, as far as Bihari is concern, i agree state has very low opportunity than any other state but y dont you think biahri working in mumbai on such low wages is adding more benifit for maharshtra goverment and people mostly misinterpreted as bihari always belong to low calss or low grade worker, let me remind you we represent the Indian administration elite group, u just choose any premier institute u will find Bihari in majority so dont come here and give judgment, being indian we shoud unite and move forward as one india.

vikrant said...

There is no sense in takink shelter of constitution and supporting imigration of people in other states. Bihar politicians can only add heat if others hate biharis for adding population to their state, but cant do anything good for their own people. They are just losers.

Unknown said...

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