Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Smart Brains, Smart Money and Bihar

I was commenting on a blog by Ranjan Rituraj, and couldn't resist pasting my comments here.

As usual very good "local contextual" knowledge and understanding from Ranjan. He makes a good case for why NRB (Non Resident Biharis) need to start coming up with micro investment projects in Bihar and we need not wait for the large corporate houses. They will take time and don't have the agility and speed of individual micro-investments.

My comments there:
And yes very good ideas. NRBs will have to come first and show some initiative. Just sending Money Order is not enough. Coming back with expertise,ideas,investments (micro is better than mega projects),networks etc are very important. Once Bihar reaches the "tipping point" then smart money will follow and that need not be Bihari. Even the big Private Equity, Venture Capital guys will come for sure. Industriats will also come.

Though smart money will take time since this lack of "contextual" and "local knowledge","local networks", "risk appetite" will be a hindrance

However smart brains will not wait that long. The APJ Kalam and likes will see the "historic opportunity" and surely "RUSH" to bihar.

What about you ?
YOU - I mean, you, who is reading this blog and comment.

Are you smart enough ?

If yes then do you have the "local networks","knowledge" etc. then forget the Silicon Valey or Wall Street or India-China opportunity. Here is an opportunity of lifetime.

Go grab it my friend. Need advice or have concerns then talk to Ranjan. He might help. Else drop a word on this blog. Someone here can help. Else drop a visit to Bihar Govt. At site you might find good links. But take some action, don't click out and resume your web-surfing.

ऐसा मौका जिन्दगी में बार बार नहीं आता है मेरे दोस्त ! अगर आप आईटी बूमं मिस कर गए और फिर ब्पो बूम भी और डॉट कॉम और फिर इन्दुस्त्रिअल बूम भी। गूर्गाओं और बैंगलोर और हैदराबाद बूम भी तब ये एक और मौका है


rajbihari said...

Yet to read Rajan. Response to your comment becomes my first preference.....,

I am a buff hanging between ....,
village panchayat -- PMO,IT Parks -- Buffalo Parks.700 Km and more travel back in a day to one day for 70 kms.

Need real working minds and companions for great ends.

Unfair exploiters and myopic negative friends keep at bay??

Atul you sound promising but believe me the reality is there in what you say and for that one has to be on the spot with a power eyes,sharp ears and shut mouth!Wish to speak and mingle with the world with my views to sync bight positve works causing powerful impacts.

Keeping low profile (No kidnapping chance) one bag on a shoulder and the laptop on the other i reached scores of people in their environment and saw reality without bias.My Mithila painting venture is a flagoff away from global presence?

Enjoying my day to day work which was an act of spiritual pursuit(sadhana).I believe in the sayings of Swami Vivekananda (Work is worship and Service to the needy is service to God). But for the constant pains of roads,transport, Power,irresponsible beuraucracy and arrogant leaders people are fine and fit maintaining "high happiness/content level and great hospitality as coutsey and not for money.Bihari are little away from commercial lines ... fast catching.

I could move the circle of Govt ,non govt,academic and not so social circuits without involving or coming in public eye.Till 2005 i had a great mentor in Mrs.Viji Srinivasan,ADITHI who left this world on 13th June 2005. Subcequently moving ahead with, community portal for maithils by Sri.Dilip thakur U.S.A.,gave me a real insight and a clear mindset about Bihar and particularly spl focus on maithili and Mithila.

I am one NRB from Chennai, since 2003 i am in Bihar - back to chennai for a family holiday (since June'07)and technology update.Also some smart work for money to sustain a geneuine take off.Spending spree has been joyous and the tresure i found is so profound that ....all of us can share the joy of being in a position to work for the wellbeing of Biharis.

I humbly submit that i have local knowledge,networks in place and feel lots of things can be done without cursing the Bihar Govt.or rebuking Biharis for the fall of pin.

Happlessness in administration,governance ,
... indian ...Delhi,chennai... traces of inhumanity,crime,social intolerence is on the rise it is more of a global psycology problem(having roots in the rapid change and transformations due to globalisation and the fad of modernity and fashion).

Fighter Jet said...

Sounds very interesting and very enterprunerial,very promising....tingels and challanges ones daring....daring to dream...daring to take initiatives and risk.Worth thinking.

Avinash said...

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रेवा स्मृति (Rewa) said...

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