Saturday, November 18, 2006

Open Source - An Introduction

I am sure many of the experience IT professionals are familiar with what the Open source but there is still a majority of Computer Enthusiasts who are not very familiar with the Open Source Concept/philosophy. In this series of Blog on Open Source I will be giving a brief overview of what the Open Source Philosophy and Software is All about.

In this blog, I'm going to write about what the Open Source is which will be followed by few more blogs on Open Source and later will take to the world of Open Source:

Open Source is:

  • Source Code available with Working Software. So we not only get the executable but also the Code so that if required we can build our own executables.
  • Available at No Cost to the user. This does not cost a penny to the user. All binaries and code are available for free.
  • One can Modify the code as per their requirement and nobody raises a finger on it. But it is reccomended that if you modify the original source code, give some credits to the original author as a gesture of courtsey.
  • No Licensing Agreement Required. GNU Public license which talks about giving credit to the original author and is very simple to follow. No complex legal issues involved.
  • User can be part of Development team too. If you can come out with new ideas, fix the existing bugs, that's all it takes to rub shoulders with the developers who created the software originally.

We will discuss more on open source in coming blogs.

Until Next Time...:)

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